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Her kan du få svar på de fleste af dine spørgsmål

Enneagrammet Erhverv er den eneste test på markedet der kombinerer en organisations fem intelligenser med de 9 typer. 

  • Why do you have to pay a subscription?
    Having your own test portal is associated with expenses for security, transaction costs, and data storage for third parties. In addition, your subscription ensures IT support and continued development of the test portal. If you have ideas for new features, you are welcome to make suggestions for further development of future upgrades.
  • What is required to become a 'registered user' of the test portal?
    The Enneagram Business is aimed at professionals within the HR field, including consultants, managers, coaches, therapists, etc. Therefore, a recognized provider's professional background and documented experience in the Enneagram are required to gain access to the test portal. If you have yet to gain experience with the Enneagram, we can recommend an introductory course with one of our partners.
  • What about GDPR? ...and who has what responsibility when a subscription agreement is concluded?
    When an agreement is concluded, you will be sent a 'data processing agreement' regarding 'data responsibility' and 'data processing. Under 'Terms of Business, you can read more about responsibility and cooperation conditions. Under 'Privacy Policy', you can read more about security.
  • Where can one be trained in the Enneagram?
    If you have yet to gain experience with the Enneagram, we can recommend introductory training with one of our partners.
  • Is compliance with test ethics a requirement?
    Yes, it goes without saying, and that is why we require a relevant professional background and documented Enneagram experience from a recognized provider to access the test portal. You cannot, therefore, hand over your access to the test portal or rights to another person. The test result should always be given in connection with personal and dialogue-based feedback or as part of individual feedback/group feedback on a course. The test result is a personal and confidential document and must be treated accordingly. The respondent has a right to store sensitive personal data securely. (GDPR). RETHNK is the 'data processor' while you, as a registered user, are the 'data controller. Therefore, you will be sent a data processing agreement when you are created as a user.
  • What is the difference between being a 'registered user' of 1:1 and Team?
    Being a 1:1 user is for you when you work, for example, with recruitment, coaching, stress coaching, etc. Being a Team user is for you if you both work 1:1 and also want to carry out team and culture analysis and/or work with team development, stress prevention, organizational development, etc. As a Team user, your test subjects will see their unique profile score against the team average in their individual profile. At the same time, you will be able to create a comprehensive team report, which contains all test persons in the team, the number of each type, the team's overall average, as well as a brief description of the 9 types.
  • How long does a subscription last?
    Your subscription is valid for 1 year at a time. Use of tests is billed quarterly in retrospect. However, you can upgrade from 1:1 user to Team user at any time without losing data if you need to test teams or do cultural analyses.
  • What if several of us from the same company would like to use the test portal?
    As a 'registered user' you have a personal 'log in' to the test portal, and you must not share this with others in your company for reasons of test ethics and personal safety. A test subject always consents only in relation to the person issuing the test. If several of you from, for example, the same HR department want to use the test portal, 20% is given to the next 'registered users', who then manage their own test persons themselves.
  • Can you transfer your subscription to someone else?
    Yes, if the prerequisites do not conflict with the GDPR and the consent that your test subjects have given you. Suppose you have held a position as HR manager and have, for example, been responsible for coaching, recruitment, and/or team development. And then, someone else takes over your responsibility in the company. There are no costs associated with a change. Still, we make the same demands on the new person in charge, that they have a relevant professional background and documented experience in the Enneagram from a recognized provider to gain access to the test portal.
  • What is Enneagram Business Network?
    As a 'Team user', you become part of a Network that all works with groups, team development, and cultural analyses. You will be invited 1-2 times a year to the free inspiration evening and get a 25% discount on relevant courses. For example, this education can include certification in the scientific test Stress Indicator, which we connect to the Enneagram's 9 types. We also make course rooms available for an attractive cooperation price if you want to offer a course yourself for the Network or your customers. In addition, the purpose is also to create a knowledge forum where members can inspire each other and use each other's skills when solving tasks.
  • Why use test profiles?
    Søren Kierkegaard stated soberly that "a person is condemned to not being able to see through himself"! So, why believe that 'a test' will be able to reveal a person's inner self? One can rightly be cautious about using tests, because many personality-type tests are either too simple and lack nuances or are too ambitious and try to describe a test person in the smallest detail. The Enneagram Business is true to its original origin as an archetype test, as no human being can be described in detail - even if other Enneagram tests on the market try! The use of tests should remember the caveat that development will occur only to the extent that a person can recognize himself in a test result. A test result should, therefore, always be open to interpretation in collaboration between the professionally trained Enneagram expert and the test person or team!
  • Challenges in using tests?
    1. Skillful professionals use tests to create deeper insight and understanding and a more nuanced basis for dialogue. At the same time, less knowledgeable people will try to make the test subject fit into a "box"! Therefore, documented experience in the Enneagram from a recognized provider is required to gain access to the test portal. 2. Lack of self-awareness on the part of the test subject! Are you whom you feel yourself to be or what others perceive? 3. Insecurity related to the use of test results or lack of understanding of questions and context can confuse the test taker! 4. The test subject can try to influence the test result by being interested in a particular test result!
  • Is my test data protected?
    Yes, all test data is stored with a recognized provider and is encrypted and server-protected with a full back-up of your tests.
  • Is Enneagram Business a 'validated' test?
    There are many enneagram tests worldwide - only a few are validated. For example, Enneagram Business has yet to be validated but is in the initial stages of validation in Denmark. That is why, among other things, we gather data for this process when the test is started. We expect the Enneagram Business to be validated in the coming years and have an international research team responsible for the application process, ongoing research, and research. The Enneagram Business is based on these books, both by Edit Moltke-Leth: The Enneagram & Team development, knowledge sharing, management and collaboration (bestseller in 2002) The Enneagram & Intelligent Organizations of the Future (2013). The 180 carefully selected questions result from 3 years of work to identify the significant differences, and characteristics of each of the 9 types.
  • What can you see in a test result?
    Unique profile score, as well as the intensity of association with the primary type and percentage influence from: Primary wing Assisting type Least active type Integration (the type the test person moves towards when comfortable) Disintegration (the type the test subject moves against when stressed) Trio profile (the 3 highest scores featuring on the profile graph) Trio profile centers (the 3 highest scores in relation to 'centers') Someone professionally trained in the Enneagram will, therefore, be able to interpret potential: Strengths, opportunities, challenges and limitations Preferred use of intelligence Motivation factors and reaction patterns Conflict strategies and stress patterns Development potential of the test subject
  • How do I know if my test subject has completed the test?
    You will be notified by email as soon as your test subject has completed his test. On the test portal, you will also see how far your test taker has reached during his answer. Remember that your test taker can go to and from a test if they want to take a break. They have to use the test link they have been sent, and they will start again where they left off.
  • What is a "couple profile"? (Comparison)
    You must be a registered Team user in order to create a "pair profile". Whether it is the right teammate to be identified, a trusted right-hand man for the director, or marital dynamics in a relationship, your test subjects can get a unique visualization in their individual test report. In practice, this means that you can have someone else's profile superimposed on your test person's unique profile graph so that the strengths, opportunities, challenges, and limitations of the collaboration are made clear. You select this option under 'comparison' under your test subject, and then in the 'dropdown menu,' you can choose the one to be compared with as part of the individual profile.
  • How do I form a Team report?
    Under the Team menu, as a Team user, you can see all your created teams and companies. First, select a team or company and click on 'view team report'. The system will automatically create a team report in pdf. of all associated test subjects that contain: - Number of each type in the team - The team's overall average score - Individual profile scores measured against team average - Brief description of the 9 types' average development plan for the team NB. Remember that, to get a fair result of the team average, all team members must first have answered the test before generating the reports.
  • How much does it cost to generate an individual test report?
    It costs $20 for 1:1 users and $14 for Team users. Once a test has been completed, you can generate all the test reports you want at no additional cost and make analyses across teams.
  • What if one of my test subjects does not answer their test - will my account be billed anyway?
    No, it is only when a test has been completed that the system registers it in your account.
  • How much does it cost to generate a team report?
    It costs nothing! You can create all the team reports you want based on your existing test subjects. It may be appropriate if you want to carry out a team, department, or culture analysis of the company’s employees.
  • New completely redesigned user experience on our test portal - 11/2022
    Our graphic designer and developer have been working overtime for the past few months. We, therefore, have a new intuitive and user-friendly test portal ready, including redesigned test reports, in a new layout.
  • Find a new Insights module in the test portal in spring 2023
    We have initiated the development of a new and ground-breaking Insights module on the test portal. View, compare, and discover new candidate and team collaboration preferences indicators.
  • Nyheder i kommende opdatering i foråret 2024
    🎥 Hjælpevideoer finder du under 'Account', så du får tryghed i at tage de nye funktioner i brug og måske opdage dem som du endnu ikke benytter. 🚀 AI Insights er integrering af kunstig intelligens som vil hjælpe og inspirere dig til endnu bedre analyse af dine testpersoner/kandidater eller teams. ✅ CSV Import af alle dine kommende kursister eller hele din virksomhed med få klik, hvis du har en Excel fil (CSV) …og send testlink til alle samtidig! Endnu nemmere - endnu hurtigere! ✅ Projektstyring af opgave, så du kan sende individuelle testresultater ud til alle i teamet på én gang ...og med en personlig meddelelse eller praktisk information (det hedder Bulk email ...og det bliver du glad for). ✅ Instruktionstekst ved start af test, så der er større tryghed til dem der tager testen, om hvordan man anbefales at besvare en test
  • Campaign offer: How to get started!
    Get 1 month of free access to the test portal, including 3 tests! Contact us today and start your trial period.
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