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Enneagram Business is a dynamic, holistic, and psychological type profiling tool for personality and team analysis.

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Test Report

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Type Indicator

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Unique Profile Graph

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Intensity of Attachment

About Enneagram Business

Insight and knowledge

Enneagram comes from Greek and means 'nine model'; 'ennea' means nine and 'gram' means model.

The Enneagram originates in the mystical tradition, whose history is several thousand years old, but is today part of traditional research and linked to modern psychology.   

​The Enneagram describes the fundamental patterns of 9 archetypes: it explains what motivates the individual's thoughts and actions and uncovers the individual's psychological performance and personal development.

Each type is in a 'centre' and has two 'wings' and two 'arrows' that show which archetype the person is tending towards, depending on whether he/she is in surplus mode (integration) or stress mode (disintegration). 

All 9 types are equally relevant, and everyone contains a portion of each type, but most people have an archetype by which they mostly recognise themselves. 

In the summary of your test data, you can read the intensity of your profile; for example, whether you have a high, medium, or low relation to your primary archetype and whether any assistant archetypes complement it.
Your unique profile graph and test data are the basis for individual feedback and training. The professionally trained test manager will introduce, elaborate on and interpret your test results together with you.
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Break down the walls!

Identifies personal talents and strengths and creates deep insight into the team's opportunities and challenges!

An individual report contains:

  • Individual unique profile score
  • The intensity of attachment to its primary type
  • The type at work and as a person
  • The type's language and communication style
  • The role of type in teams
  • The type that leads
  • The type of relationships with colleagues and managers
  • Flow, positive energy, and stress
  • Development potential
  • Personal development plan
  • The team's individual unique profile score
  • Number of each type in the team
  • The overall average score of the team
  • Individual profile scores measured against team average
  • Brief description of the 9 types

A team report contains:

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Enneagram Business is the only test on the market that combines an organisation's five intelligences with the 9 types. Read more

Intrnationalt research tam

International Research Team

​Our international Research Team oversees ongoing validation, research and further development of the Enneagram Business.

Our tests have shown high reliability in the pre-analyses, and we are now in the application phase with DNV for approval.

The Research team is not responsible for the business application of the test, but have been asked to contribute to research and development of the Enneagram Business model in order to add knowledge relevant for practice as well as academy. 


The Research team is led by Bjørn Z. Ekelund and the other members have unique and relevant competences in relation to Enneagram, personality, personal development and the art of science.


They are inspired by bringing the wisdom of Enneagram into a more precise and relevant practical use and academic understanding.

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