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Terms and conditions

These terms are effective from 29 November 2022 and supersede all previous versions. About Enneagram Business Enneagram Business is owned by RETHNK ApS (Enneagram Business / RETHNK / us / we) intends to help professionals in the HR field with a dynamic, holistic and psychological type profile tool for personality and team analysis. We offer an online test portal (the Application), via which is available in a 1:1 version and a Team version. In addition, we offer a number of additional services. In addition to the Application, we operate and other websites and other online channels (Websites) which, among other things, contains information and help for current and potential users of the Application. Our Application, Websites and additional services are offered exclusively to business customers. 1. Subscription conditions for Enneagram Business All use of our Application is subject to these conditions, which you (the Customer/you) accept when creating access to the application. If you represent a company that becomes a customer of ours, you personally warrant that you can legally accept these terms on behalf of the company. You must also accept our privacy policy ( and our data processing agreement when you set up your company. Please note that special conditions may apply in addition to these conditions for the individual products. 2. Use of the Application and purchase of additional services Enneagram Business grants the Customer a non-exclusive and time-limited right to use the Application. This right applies exclusively to the Customer, and the Application may neither be used for others nor to carry out data processing or provide other services for others. You vouch for and are fully responsible for those to whom you grant access to the Application or who use your login. The customer may neither fully nor partially transfer his subscription to a third party without the written consent of Enneagram Business. 3. Price and payment terms All prices are stated in Danish kroner and are ex. VAT. Changes in exchange rates, taxes, insurance, the net price index, freight and purchase costs mean that Enneagram Business may adjust the prices, to compensate for these changes in its costs. Enneagram Business also has the right to change the composition, content and prices of products and subscriptions with notice by e-mail or by posting on our Website. The invoicing period and payment time appear from the individual subscription type. Unless otherwise expressly agreed or stated in the subscription terms, the subscription amount is charged in advance of each year, as well as a quarterly settlement of test consumption. 4. Duration of the agreement These Terms and Conditions apply as long as the Customer has an account that provides access to the Application or otherwise uses the Application. The customer's account can be deleted at any time by contacting Enneagram Business Support. 5. No refund or right of withdrawal The application and additional services are offered exclusively digitally to business operators, and therefore no 14-day right of withdrawal applies. 6. Termination and transfer You can cancel, change or downgrade your subscription by contacting Enneagram Business Support at Termination must take place no later than the day before a new subscription period begins. Enneagram Business can terminate the subscription with 3 months' notice, or immediately in the event of the Customer's material breach of these terms, failure to pay the subscription or in the event of the Customer's insolvency. Enneagram Business has the right to freely transfer its rights and obligations towards the Customer to a company connected to the group or a third party. Enneagram Business also has the right to use subcontractors, including, among other things, for storing and processing data. A list of subcontractors used for data processing in Enneagram Business can be found under our Privacy Policy/Subcontractors. 7. Customer data The information you enter in the Application or otherwise share with us is treated confidentially and can only be disclosed to third parties if it is publicly available information, if we are required to do so by an authority or court, or if we deem it is reasonable in connection with the requirements of authorities, the Customer's bankruptcy or the like. Enneagram Business requires that any public entity requesting customer data follows all applicable laws, regulations and procedures for the request. Data in the Application is used anonymously for research purposes. All information you send to us or enter on our websites (posts, comments, questions, e-mails, etc.) belongs to us and we can make free use of it without reimbursing you. Data (age, gender and position linked to person type) derived for research from the collected material may, in special cases, be used by third parties. Specifically, it must be mentioned that in this connection there will at no time be a question of information about the Customer or his data coming to the knowledge of a third party in such way the Customer can be identified. 8. The customer's access to own data The customer has full access to his own account and data at all times. If a Team subscription expires or is terminated, this means that the Customer no longer has access to that data. If the Team subscription is switched to a 1:1 subscription, this means that the Customer no longer has access to the data that is part of the Team version (e.g., Team reports). None of the Customer's data in the Application itself will be deleted, and the Customer can access this data again at any time by purchasing the Team subscription. If Enneagram Business wants to close access to the Application, this can be done without reason, but it must be notified by e-mail to the Customer 3 months before closing. During this period, the customer has the opportunity to retrieve entered data from the system. However, this does not apply if the Customer has not paid for access to the Application. 9. Updates and Operational Stability Enneagram Business reserves the right to update and change the Application. Efforts are made to carry out these updates so that they are not a nuisance to the Customer. In individual cases, however, it may be necessary to close access to the Application and our websites while updates are made. Enneagram Business strives for the highest possible operational stability for the Application, but does not guarantee this. 10. E-mail broadcast Enneagram Business has the right to send e-mails to the Customer when there are updates to the Application, or if new functions and applications are developed which are deemed to be in the legitimate interest of the Customer. Enneagram Business also reserves the right to send advertisements for third parties in these e-mails. The receipt of e-mails can be unsubscribed at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the forwarded e-mails. 11. Liability and limitations of liability Our prices reflect the following disclaimers and limitations: Use of the Application is entirely at your own risk. Enneagram Business cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses that may arise in relation to use of and access to the Application. Enneagram Business also disclaims responsibility for problems and losses that arise due to conditions that are beyond Enneagram Business's control. This applies, for example, to power outages, problems with internet connections, problems with hardware, hacker attacks, viruses or other forms of force majeure. Enneagram Business is only liable for intentional or grossly negligent acts and the maximum liability towards the Customer, regardless of the reason, can never exceed an amount corresponding to the Customers total payment of remuneration in one year for the use of the Application. 12. Liability and disclaimer when using Enneagram Business Support Unless otherwise expressly stated, RETHNK ApS owns the copyright and other intellectual property rights to the Application and all material on websites and in the Application. All use requires our written consent. No intellectual property rights to the Application or other material on the website or the Application are transferred to the Customer. The customer grants Enneagram Business and our business partners and subcontractors the right to use material and data (apart from personal data) uploaded by the customer to the extent necessary for us to operate and develop the Application and our websites, as well as for marketing. 13. Data Security Our processing of personal data itself, for which the Customer is the data controller and which is stored, etc., in the Application, is regulated in the Data Processing Agreement between Enneagram Business and the Customer. The responsibility for the processing of the Customer's personal data is governed by these conditions. Enneagram Business's processing of personal data as data controller is subject to our 'Privacy Policy'. Enneagram Business can change and update these Terms and information about rights at any time. The applicable Terms and Conditions will always be available on our Websites. Use of the Application and/or our Websites after a change to the Terms is considered the Customer's acceptance of the changed Terms. 14. Disputes If a disagreement arises between the customer and Enneagram Business, the disagreement must be settled according to Danish law with the City Court in Copenhagen as the first instance.

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