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One out of every five employees changed jobs last year!

...but what does it take to create a long-lasting employment relationship?

Social intelligens (SI)

The secret to successful recruitment is to remove a one-sided focus on the candidate!

In 2023, nearly 1 million Danes got new jobs, according to data from the Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment. It's the second-highest number in the statistics' lifetime, dating back to 2009.

​Here are the most common reasons for changing jobs:

1. Need for new challenges

2. Better utilization of skills

3. Desire for higher salary

4. Poor working environment


Personality tests are often used in the recruitment process to ensure the right person is hired. However, none of the above reasons for changing jobs can be predicted through a personality test, a CV, during job interviews, or when the contract is signed and expectations for employment are discussed.

But what does it take to create a long-term employment relationship?

​The secret is to remove a one-sided focus on the candidate in the hiring process and courageously ask ourselves how we, as a company, can ensure that we are also the right workplace for the future employee.

In other words, do we know who we are, understand our competencies, strengths, and limitations, as a team and as a company, when meeting "our new colleague," so that acceptance and understanding of diversity can be a foundation for respect, openness, and trust at the beginning of the collaboration?

Most likely not!


Therefore, we must rethink the entire recruitment process and in the future, also test the team, so that we not only get the right candidate but are also the right workplace for our new colleague.

Gain insight into how your candidate is motivated, contributes, and performs as part of a team and its objectives, and compare the candidates' results.



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